Welcome to Hier Drilling Co, where you will find nothing but reliable and professional water well and pump services. Since 1944 we have been providing comprehensive solutions for existing and new well or pump systems. Through four generations of our family, we've kept the same mission of delivering hard work with dedication and high-quality service that was set in place by our founders, Archie Hier and Art Price.

Complete and Comprehensive

We offer complete solutions for both wells and pumps, which includes construction, replacements, repairs, and regular maintenance. With over 70 years of experience in the water well industry, you can put your property in our hands with trust. Every job we do is a devotion to our mission of persistent hard work.

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Well Services — Water Well Rig in Castle Rock, CO
It is rare you find a gem in a world of sub-par, lazy or inexperienced trade "experts". I called the team at Hier Drilling because I was having water problems. Realizing that being without water is a big deal, they shuffled things around to fit me in. It turns out my pump was dead. Did they reschedule? No, they came prepared because they know what they’re doing. For the next five hours they worked to install a new pump, test for 100% reliability and were even courteous enough to stick around and answer a few questions and fine tune the system.

I don't know who is the "cheapest" place to go, but if you want it done right, by experienced people, call Hier Drilling.

- M. Burnside